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Process Team

For efficient project management, timely delivery is guaranteed. We have a strong technical project team with more than 15 project engineers, senior project engineers, project assistant engineers and test technicians. Responsible for communicating with customers, organizing technical meetings and discussions, controlling delivery time, determining technical and process requirements. At the same time, we will provide complete after-sales service to protect customers' interests.

Mold development information

1.Product information (material, shrinkage, surface treatment, key size)

2.Mold information (mold standard, steel, life, production cycle)

3.Delivery information (delivery, spare parts, design materials, injection molding process)


Mold development information collection and finishing

1.Fill in (technical requirements and precautions for new mold development)


Mold development technology exchange

1.Product data review (integrity of the file, rationality of the glue thickness, draft deviation, parting line)

2.Mold data review (mold structure, processing technology and process, size control)

3.Failure mode analysis (risk assessment and preventive measures)


Develop a mold development plan

1.Mold design completion plan

2.Steel and accessories procurement plan

3.Mold processing completion plan

4.First sample time


Mold development tracking

1.Weekly update development schedule to customers

2.Weekly summary of processing status

3.Schedule a meeting


Mold trial production participation

1.Confirmation before the test

2.Confirm whether you try to test according to customer service requirements.

3.Mold rectification report

4.Test Process Record


Sample confirmation

1.Sample preparation and status record

2.Customer feedback information collection

3.Mold modification change instructions


Mold delivery confirmation

1.Is the potential problem of the mold completely solved?

2.Prepare the information requested by the customer

3.Check if the mold packaging meets the requirements


After sales service

1.Mold technical support

2.Mold repair service


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